Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We've had a steady flow of baby bunnies arriving at our house the past month or so. Our kids are so very excited to take them to the County Fair and State Fair this year, lets just hope they don't end up last summer, we had 4 get heatstroke and die. :( So far we are up to 8 that look showable, 1 looks to be a pet because of a lack of markings, and we have 1 more litter will be born the beginning of May. It's been alot of fun around here cuddling with all these sweet little ones. We've had several friends bringing kids by to pet and another friend of mine even used our rabbits for her Photography Easter sessions.

Gianna is also in love with the babes. She just admires them as they jump all around. They are so fragile you really have to watch kids as they can crush them easily. She loves the bunnies, hates our horse. lol

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