Thursday, May 03, 2012

Our new baby

So kind of a spur of the moment deal but we adopted a baby Mustang this week.  She is gorgeous, no?   We just got her so no name yet but we're thinking Willow.   Echo is 5 now and has been in desperate need of a friend.  Horses are such social animals and need a friend to keep them occupied.  Well this little girl came up for adoption and how could we say no to her.  Especially because she looks so much like Echo did as a baby!  A little backround, Echo is actually a Pinto/Quarter cross.  Her owners were hoping she'd come out a paint but she came out with just a few tiny white spots.  You can tell their mouths are just about the same, they have the same blaze, same personality.  She was supposedly wild but in the last 24 hours we have had her, she was led into the pen with a halter on, has let everyone snuggle, comes up to the fence when she sees us, let me kiss her on the nose a few hundred times, and I've been brushing her because she still has her winter coat.  I was told since she was wild and weaned early that this is their body's defense to keep them safe.  You can see Echo has lost her coat like a month ago.  Echo loves her and this has brought on a mothering role for her.  I can totally see she'd be a great mom now if we ever do breed her.  ;)  I will keep posting progress with her so you can see how much she has changed.  I'm hoping we can have her lead broke in the next few weeks since she's taken so well in 24 hours with a hair brush. lol 

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Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting! I wish we could have a horse or two or three. I love to ride.....I assume you are going to train her to ride?