Friday, February 18, 2005

Dominic's Birthday

Today was Dominic's 2nd birthday! We really didn't do much since he's having his birthday party tomorrow but we did get him a few Thomas the train toys and I'm buying his Spongebob bedding for his twin size bed that he'll be getting soon. He has no idea that it's his birthday but is really happy to get the gifts! lol

Every birthday I always look back and remember their birth. It's hard to believe it's been 2 yrs already that I had him. I was so so scared because it was going to be my 1st C-section where I was awake. My daughter was an emergency C and I was knocked out. I cried and cried in the hospital bed just waiting to be wheeled into surgery with him. I almost wanted to say I changed my mind and wanted to do a Vbac. I was really thinking I was going to die for the most part then I was happy that I was finally going to see him then I was scared again that I was going to die. There were so many people that showed up that morning to wish me well and it was touching but I felt like I was saying my goodbyes as they each came and gave me a kiss before they wheeled me off. Dave actually sat with me through Dominic's delivery. The circumstances with Alex were so bad that he left the O.R when they pulled Alex out. I remember him crying and saying to the dr "I can't be here I have to go" I kept saying wait but then I went unconcious. With Dominic he was by my side stroking my face as they pulled him out.

Dominic was so cute when he was born. He had a perfect hair line, perfect body, all around perfect little guy. I didn't know how Alex would take having a sibling since she was only 2 yrs 8 mths old. It took about 4 hours before she wanted to come near him to say hi but after that she didn't want him out of her sight. She loved to hold and kiss him and say "oh! He bit my nose!" Don't know why but she did all the time.

Fast forward to now. He has grown up so fast! I'm lucky to have an extremely active little guy but sometimes he's a bit too active. I do complain alot about some of the things he does like playing in the toilet all the time, pulling hair, pushing kids, breaking CD's, jumping off the couch onto the pillows, pulling the dog's tail but really he's a sweet loving guy. He tells everyone thank you and loves to give hugs even if he just met you. I'm hoping now that he's 2 his speech will start to come around. He's alittle behind but that's ok. I can understand a few words. I love my little man.

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Adam's Mom said...


Your son has a fire and that is to be commended. He may get into some trouble, but didn't we all as kids. Just think of all the stories you'll be able to share at his wedding. And then when he has his own kids, you can laugh as he gets it back ten fold.

Love ya!