Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Past few days

Monday night I was so relieved to get my laptop back in the mail! We had taken it to Best Buy because it just kept shutting off for no reason and was really hot so we figured it was overheating. Turns out a fan went bad in it and I guess they replaced it. Works great now! This laptop lets me keep my sanity through the day watching all these rugrats. When I can get 5-10 minutes I'm on it and nap time I'm on it for quite awhile. Sometimes I feel like an internet nerd I'm online so much. I have no life! So sad.

Saturday the 19th we had Dominic's birthday party. It was raining and really nasty out. Only immediate family showed up which was fine since our front room is sorta small! Of course he got more toys then I wanted him to. I try to tell people what he needs but it doesn't always work! The guy has about 30 big trucks and cars sitting around in his room, tons of hotwheel cars, cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains that's all he likes. The only toys we bought were a pull along Thomas the Train and some more track for his Thomas train set. I never thought before having kids that we should have extra bedrooms for the hundreds of toys they would have. I try so hard to have the house organized and neat but there's so many toys the house is cluttered. The theme was Sponge Bob and the cake Walmart made for him was great! I've been pigging out on cake all week. I know that's bad but I just can't help it! The Sponge Bob pinata was really neat because it had strings that the kids pulled. Last year I gave them a wooden bat and all the kids beat the Fish pinata to death but it wouldn't break. Come to find out I stuffed it too full and when all the candy came out, the suckers were all busted. It was hilarious though and we got it on home video.

Monday I ended up calling the vet about our dog we had neutered last week. I felt so bad when I took him in and found out he had licked himself an infection. Poor guy! His balls were about the size of a fist when even before surgery he had nothing there! He's been wearing a cone around his head so he can't do anymore damage. He absolutely hates the cone so I take it off a few times a day. Stupid me forgot how smart Labs are though and left the cone outside on the patio table only to come back and find that he chewed the collar out of it so I couldn't attach it back on him. Stupid him forgot that I always have extra dog collars laying around and put a new one back on the cone and attached it to his head again. lol

The kids have been decent this week. I haven't had many problems except for my niece bugging the baby and this other little girl. She's always taking toys from others which then they start crying or I get two 2 yr olds rolling around on the floor trying to kill each other. My son figured her weakness is to pull her hair out. I can't seem to break him of pulling out a girl's hair when he's mad at them for something but when he pulls, he pulls chunks! He's a meanie sometimes but gets whooped for it. Kids will be kids I guess. I just get so tired of disciplining them all!

Poor dog still has big balls. I sure hope this goes away soon. I think it worries me more than him. I'm hoping that it does heal soon so I don't end up with another vet bill. Just to get him fixed was $91 and then the meds were $16. Ugh! Where does it end. I have 2 dogs due for shots now too so that'll be another $100. We love them though and will continue to pay for what has to be done.

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