Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Excitement Finally Strikes!

Got the kids to bed tonight at 9 o'clock for once. Seems like it keeps getting later and later but it doesn't help when your kids are sick. Poor Alex has to go to the Dr tomorrow. She's coughing, snotty nosed, and high fever all the time even with all the meds I'm pouring into her. Daddy just had Walking pneumonia about 2 weeks ago and I wonder if that's what she's getting because it's getting worse and worse each day. Tomorrow will be her 3rd day out of school.

That feel of excitement of a new baby FINALLY hit me today. I thought this is real now I have pictures of our little bambino, miscarriage is the least of my worries now, I'm feeling movement a lot, and it's a boy!!! WOW! I do have my triple screening tomorrow and that hopefully will be the last obstacle in saying that this pregnancy is 100% OK. My other two kids screenings came out fine so I'm praying this one does too. Everyone talks about the false positives on these things and how they aren't accurate but I'd rather prepare myself for something that may be wrong then to be unprepared at the birth. Feeling all this crazy excitement I decide to get into the Rubbermaid Ruffneck tubs I have of clothing that my son wore as a newborn. I was sorta worried since he was born in Feb and this one will either be June or July that I wouldn't have much but everything should work out except for the winter outfits. It was fun to get it all out and take a peek at what I had already and remember how Dominic looked when wearing each piece. Kids grow up too fast.

I planned on writing more but it's already time for me to get to bed. I'm sure I'll be up 2-3 times for the kids with their ailments so I'll have to cut it short. I hope to sleep well tonight and have pleasant dreams of our little miracle boy.

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Adam's Mom said...

Hi Sweetie! I am so glad you are finally starting to feel better about this pregnancy. That is such good news! You had a rough yet last year - let 2005 be wonferful! Love ya!