Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today should be better

Well yesterday with the kids wasn't as bad as the day before. There's so many up and down days with daycare. The worst part of the day was the kids messing with the baby swing. It's so hard to keep toddlers from that thing. This morning my sister called and said she was at the ER with her dr. I guess she's really sick but was fine yesterday. Poor kid couldn't breathe! Well that will make today alot easier! I still have tons of laundry to do today, breakfast and lunch for kids, get trash out, put Dave's uniforms out for pick-up, and of course all the newborn duties. I think today will be alot better though.

Last night I went to drop off my food program papers around 9:30ish. I left the kids with their daddy. It's just easier to go by myself late at night instead of having to drag the kids along too. I couldn't find anything on the radio so I turned it to some country stations and found George Strait "Carried Away" and I cried. I swear this pregnancy has turned me into a blubbering mess but maybe it's more. I thought during that song how before kids I used to go out 3 times a week to the bars 2 stepping and drinking underage, hanging with my friends from highschool. I weighed about 40 lbs less then and didn't really care about things I do today. Things have definately changed! I miss all the crazy parties we used to go to or even have at our apartment. Going out at 2 AM for Whoppers at BurgerKing was almost ritual for us living so close to it in our ghetto apartment. I really don't miss the girl fights though. That song had so many things running through my head. Carried Away....I thought about how when Dave and I broke up for a month and I found my friend at his parents house and how I beat the shit out of her right infront of Dave and his buddy Josh. That I definately got carried away about! More and more deep thoughts I tell ya!

I came home and knew I probably looked like I had been crying but Dave was hanging out watching TV so I don't think he noticed anything. I just walked in and started doing my evening chores before bed. Wash dishes, clean front room up again, take care of animals, check email and then I went to bed.

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