Wednesday, March 16, 2005

24 Week Appt

Had my 24 week appt today, a few days early but pretty much 24 weeks. Asked my OB if she has any idea for the C date and she says it'll probably be July 5th. UGH! I was hoping for the last week of June. The sooner the better, just let me hold this little guy. We talked about the Gestational Diabetes test I'll take next month and I asked her the rumor Michelle had told said about cutting out sugar the week before. She said it could possibly help so I think I will. I DON'T want GD, I want to eat like I normally do and can not see myself regulating my food intake and what types of foods I eat! Eeeek! Nurse tried for like a minute before she found the heartbeat which was really scary. I hadn't felt him move all day so it really freaked me out and I'm sure she saw it in my face! He was really low which was odd.

I talked to a woman I used to work with yesterday and she was really happy to hear I was pregnant. I told her I'm happy to be pregnant too but I feel like I've been pregnant for over a year now since we officially found out we were pregnant in March 04 and then lost it in April 04 then tried again and got pregnant and now here we are waiting for this baby. I told her what a little terror Dominic has turned out to be and she said her grandson (named Dominic) was the same way. We named Dominic after Dave's grandpa who passed about a year before I had our son. I wonder if his grandpa was a terror when young? I only met him once so I didn't know much of him. We still don't have any names for this one, I need to start compiling a list.

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Adam's Mom said...

After the rough year you have had, I can't wait until you hold this little one in your arms. I hope when you do, all the hardships of the past year melt away! Thanks for being such a friend to me!