Friday, March 25, 2005

Do You Need An Ass Preserver?

So the past 3 days have not been cool for me at all. Unfortunately another "perk" to pregnancy is hemorrhoids which I got on Wednesday. I was going to TRY not to tell Dave but after his little playful slaps to my butt throughout the night Wednesday I finally had to break the news. Of course this is all a big laughing joke matter to him and he's cracking out everything he can think of. "Do you need an Ass Preserver?" HA HA! Real funny I think the correct term is a doughnut but he finds this a little more comical. Everything he says to me has to have the words poop, fart, crap, butt, shit, and ass in it. Today he hasn't said much which is nice. Maybe he's getting the point to shut up by looking into my evil eyes.

It's been a bit difficult to jump and run after the kids since the beginning of my drama. Dominic found the opportunity to grab a blue pencil and scribble big circles all over the screen of our 60 inch TV in the front room. It came off luckily because of the screen protector but you can still see some slight etched in marks in the plastic. That's been the only major thing he's done this week besides beating the other kiddos in the head with toys. Confused

For me feeling so horrible the this week though Dave did do some incredibly sweet things. He's fixed dinner Wednesday and last night he called up Applebee's and did their To Go deal which I've wanted to try forever but he always says no. The food was still so good and we didn't have to worry about Dominic being a pain. If I need something he'd go get it for me or do whatever I needed done. Guess he's not such a bad guy after all.

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