Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

Taking a moment to sit down on here and blab. How long this moment will be, who knows! Just depends which kid starts yelling or screaming for me. It's supposed to be naptime but you know how that goes when you have 5 taking a nap!

We had a pretty uneventful week last week. Figuring I'm on a schedule with kids all day nothing really changes except for the events at the house! I think Dominic only got out and ran away 2-3 times and it was fairly easy to catch him since we have installed door alarms that wail when you open the door without shutting them off first. He can still get away but believe me I can hear it if he does! It's a little added security for me since before I didn't know when he got out.

This weekend we tried for a trip to Wichita that turned out to be a nightmare. Dominic hadn't taken a nap and was screaming, hitting, kicking, throwing himself at all the stores we went to. I wanted to pick up some baby clothes but he wasn't going for any shopping. He kept screaming "bye bye" everywhere we went except for PetCo of course where he checked out all the animals. That was the only thing that shut him up for the day or should I say while we were in that store. Then we tried going to Sams Club and again he went nuts! Dave took him to all the food samples filling him up to shut his mouth but then he decided he needed a drink. Errgh! Started screaming about that so we decided to leave. I've never gotten so many looks in my life from people but I guess when you've got a kid turning purple from screaming, that may look a little odd. Then after getting home and getting the kids to bed I realized I hadn't done all my lovely paperwork for the food program so I finished that and Dave ran it down to their office for me. I was in such a hurry that I forgot one piece of it and had to take it down there late last night and drop it in their box with a Sorry note. The food program paperwork is such an annoying hassle but convenient too because of the way you get reimbursed for the food you serve to the kiddos.

Today has been a rather slow day. Kids have fought here and there but I've mainly just dealt with a fussy baby who wants to eat all day long every hour of the day! This child's mother can barely pump enough because she eats so often. She's only 3 months old but it's going to get worse as time goes by. Her mother works as a teacher and pumps at the school but probably not as often as she needs to because she's not getting enough for this chunky gal! As I write this I can hear her starting to whine. I've already got a bottle warming up in some warm water now for her. Guess I'd better go feed her again!

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Adam's Mom said...

Oh Sabrina! You are such a saint to put up with Dominic yelling so much - that is so hard! You are amazing and a good role model for me! I hope when I am a mom, I can be just a patient as you are!