Wednesday, April 06, 2005

They're Worse As Teenagers

Last night at my daughter's gymnastics class I ran into a woman who used to be my dad's neighbor after my parents divorced. She started to point her finger at my sister and I and give us that don't I know you look which I said "You used to be our dad's neighbor" and she said "yeah!" She told us that she had 2 daughters in gymnastics and one was in the same class as our girls. I had to ask about her boys. She was looking for love in all the wrong places back when I was visiting my dad and I'd watch her 3 boys on the weekends while she went to the bars. I thought my sister has it rough with 2 stepsons that are a month a part (long story) and with how rowdy they are. This woman's kids were the most craziest, destructible, loud, obnoxious, mean children I'd ever had to deal with and I was only 14 years old! I told her I remember watching her boys and if I would have remembered them each time I decided to have a baby, I probably wouldn't have kids right now! lol She told me that she was naive back then and wasn't thinking when she got pregnant one after another like that with a boy each time that they would be that wild and crazy. Then she said something that I couldn't believe. "they're worse now as teenagers then they were as kids!" Then she proceeded to tell me "if your worried now, wait till they hit the teenage years." Her's are now 16, 18, and 20 yrs old. I can't even imagine how they could be worse now except for maybe getting into drugs, or drinking, or maybe the whole girlfriend subject and sex! It was a weird conversation that's for sure but I hope she isn't right. I have a long road ahead of me till we get to that stage.

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