Friday, April 29, 2005

Today's Sono

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Here's his little face!

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Foot with 5 toes!

Overall the Sono went really well today. Alex thought I was giving birth today but I had told her over and over before we were just going to see the baby on the TV. We spent a hour watching him and got 40 pictures. He was a stinker though and wouldn't take his hands away from his face. She was pokin and proddin him to get some movement but he was being lazy! While laying there he'd move but only his butt and legs not his hands.

Dom went to my neighbor's house which was really weird. This was the first time he'd ever been anywhere without me that wasn't a relatives house. He has only stayed at my parents house and Dave's Aunt's house without us. He just hopped right in playing with the other daycare kids. I made sure she was aware that he will try anything and everything to break out and run off. She has a very easy front door knob that pulls down and a sliding back door, perfect for him to easily escape. He was there for two hours and did great! Destroyed the toyroom she said. Sounds like Dominic alright! Flirty Wink

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Sara said...

Hi Sabrina,

It's been a while since I posted on here. But I couldn't resist when I saw your BEAUTIFUL BABY'S FACE!!!! How incredible! I am so happy for you. :) I really like the names you are thinking about also, especially that middle name Izak--how unique.

I also can't resist putting in my two cents about what I'd do about the money. I think that I would probably let this time pass, but from now on, insist on counting the money in front of her. I would keep a list with the amount due, and have her initial her line after you count how much she paid you. That way, it doesn't seem like you are singling her out, but that you are starting a new policy...

And speaking of policies. :) I had to weigh in on the other item you mentioned about not charging when someone is sick. You are right that it is courteous of you, however, I would reconsider that, just from a business perspective.

Think of it this way: If your husband is sick, he still gets paid. If your kid is sick and can't go to private school for a week, you're still out the money. If a kid takes gymnastics, participates in soccer, or whatever, you still have to pay regardless of whether you show up. Since I teach piano, I completely understand the irritation and awkwardness of the money issues.

When I first started, I did what you are doing--I didn't charge when a child couldn't make it. But guess what. First of all, it was annoying to figure out the difference in cost all the time when people cancelled, and secondly, I found that people took my business rather lightly.

That's when I drew up a policy sheet and handed it out at the beginning of the next session, requiring parents to read all new policies and sign at the bottom to their acknowledgement and agreement. I built in one sick day for every child, along with vacation days for myself, and charged a flat monthly fee.

The difference in how the parents interact with me is incredible. You are a professional, whether you feel like it or not with all those little rugrats driving you up a wall. You deserve to get paid regardless of whether a child is ill.

Sorry that was long. Just some food for thought. :)