Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Basket 1 Mother's Day this year went so much better than last year. We woke up at 8 AM to our kids running around the house screaming in laughter at each other. Nice! Of course then they came in our room to wake us up. We went to bed late the night before so I didn't want to get up but Dave did which was weird. Usually I have to pound him for another hour to get out of bed. Next, he went outside. I thought 'wow! He's getting the Sunday papers for me!' then he came back to the bedroom and jumped up on the bed with the kids and announced Happy Mother's Day! I opened my eyes and saw in his hands he had this spiffy handbag with Bath and Body Works lotion, spray, and bathwash in it! I had said just a few days before that I really liked the purse, I didn't think he'd go back in there and buy it for me. I gave him tons of kisses and then he said to get up so we could go eat breakfast. I didn't even think it'd be a madhouse for breakfast but when we arrived at Sirloin Stockade, the whole parking lot was full! It was so busy that I sat and he got me my food so I didn't have to get pushed around in the gut in the buffet lines. That was sweet of him. That was about all we did for me. My daughter brought me a flower pot she decorated at school with some flower seeds and dirt. It's cute. My mom didn't do anything for me, my dad and his wife didn't either. I found that weird. Not even a card! They both just said Happy Mother's Day. My MIL though, sent me a card saying she can't wait to see us in July. (sigh)

I felt awful when I read it because I conned Dave into telling his mom July 12th is my C-section date because I want a few days alone with our baby before his parents show up and stay at our house for 2 weeks. When I told my stepmom the plan this weekend she said she's going to be crushed and if it was her and my dad they'd be really hurt. Great! Just what I wanted to hear. My mom has already said she thinks it's wrong. I don't know what to do. I love the woman when she's not living in my house. When she's here everything turns to a nightmare and I'm stressed big time. With postpartum emotions after Dominic was born I was a mess crying and a bitch about everything. I couldn't even breastfeed in my own house because his dad was always in the same room so I had to go elsewhere to pump and breastfeed, it was horrible. I'm sure eventually we'll get it figured out though..... I hope.

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