Tuesday, May 10, 2005


What a difference having two less kids at your house can make on your stress level! My sister finally found a sitter nearby her house so she took her naughty 2 yr old daughter and 5 yr old daughter out of my care to this new woman in South Hutch. Thank goodness. It'll short me $300 a month but honestly I don't need the money, so this is fine with me! My 5 yr old niece is really good, no problems with her but Kaeylnn the 2 yr old sometimes is more work than my 2 yr old son who drives me nuts! She hits, pushes, takes toys, lays on the floor kicking when she's throwing a fit, throws things at you when she's mad, and drinks everyone else's drinks! She even got ahold of a breastmilk bottle belonging to the baby I watch and drank it!

So this week is the week of less. Less yelling, less stress, less headaches, less consumption of food....lol. Lets talk about this 2 yr old again. If my sister ever found my blog she'd kill me. Her daughter is 2 weeks younger than Dominic and weighs about 7 lbs more than him. She eats food like a Hummer eats gas! It's neverending! I can put a huge plate of macaroni, hotdog, applesauce, and corn for instance and she'll eat it all and want more. So I'll give her a bit more of each and she'll eat it all and say "more". I tell her no, because, at her size she's just scarfed down what I can eat on my plate and I'd be full. Now I do get paid by the food program to feed Kaelynn but her other daughter I didn't bother with the program since she was only here from 8-11 usually and then she went to school. Still I was feeding her though out of my own pocket. I got paid about $3 a day to feed the 2 yr old.

Anyways- I do love my little stinker nieces but I have to be glad they are gone. It's hard to do daycare for family. They expect discounts and other 'perks' since you're related. Everyone else that I watch, was a complete stranger....I say WAS because I've been watching 3 of them now for almost a year! I'm happy they've been here that long. It's been neat to watch them grow up. They've probably at times thought I was really mean because I yell alot at my son and Kaelynn but I haven't yelled much at all so far this week and that makes me feel good. Now as long as I can get Dominic to mind, I won't be grumpy much at all and that's going to be a task!

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Adam's Mom said...

Sabrina: sorry about the less cash per month, but having that peace in your day is worth more than the $300.00! Enjoy the stress free days because in 8 weeks your family will be that much bigger!