Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok yesterday was a really bad day. Today is a bit better and I'm on schedule today. Shew! That can really screw with you if you lose track of time.

Thursday: HOT TUB DELIVERY 11 AM!!!! Can you just tell by my title I'm so so so stoked! That means I'll be able to use it this weekend! He told me it'll take a few days to get the water temp up. I got off the phone and started jumping in place. LMAO Just like a little kid. :) Next year I promised after I paid it off Dave can get a new motorcyle. Wonder how he'll act.

Last night my dad and his wife came over for Dave's birthday. Damien suprised us all by rolling from his tummy to his back. He must have thought he was cool because he did it 5-6 times in a row kicking and laughing in the process. Also we've cleaned drawers again and have graduated completely now to 6-9 mth clothing. No more medium sleepers either. LARGE! He's just a long boy. My sister says he has the perfect baby body. Not too skinny and not too fat and not too long but not too short. LOL

Ok enough, I have to take this trash out. I've changed 4 crappy diapers today already and my trash is about to knock me out with the stench.


Adam's Mom said...

See, today WAS a better day than yesterday!

Woo hoo on Damien rolling over!

Woo hoo on Dave's birthday! (Happy Birthday Dave!)


WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on the hot tub!!! I am so insanely jealous!!!

UREWQ said...

Yeppe, Sabrina, great news!! you get to use it this weekend.

I can't beleive Damien is wearing the same size clothes Ethan is wearing, OMG!!lol!