Monday, October 24, 2005


Today has been one of those days. Three babies crying on and off throughout the day is getting to me I believe. It's so hard when they all decide they want to eat or drink at the same time. I hate having to let Damien cry it out for a few minutes but if I've got a bowl of cereal in my hand because I'm feeding Kayla what else am I to do? Today I am so behind. I have so much paperwork to do for the food program and I can't even do it. I start then have to stop. My house stinks because of the all the poopy diapers I'm having to change. Lunch is usually 11:30 for the kids and today it was 12:15, nap time is usually 1 but today it was 1:30. I'm about to pull my hair out. No crying hormones are back to normal.

I guess you could say my day started out horribly wrong at Midnight when our daughter woke us up screaming in the bathroom. I ran in there and found her trying to sit on the toilet with poop covering her hands, her butt, and her underwear. She gets constipated really bad, so bad that we have a Laxative prescription she's been taking since she was 2. I cleaned her up went to her room only to smell poop and find it all over her blankets, sheet, Dora pillow and headboard. I got that cleaned and even started her laundry. Then at 2:30 Dominic woke me up to tell me his room was dark and that he wanted a drink. And of course the third child can't be left out so he woke me up at 4:00 AM to eat. Dave's alarm woke me at 5 AM and then I tried to sleep again (if I even did) till 6 AM when my alarm went off and I got up.

Ok Mondays are usually bad but this is really bad. Today is Dave's 28th birthday though so we'll go out for dinner. Hopefully that won't turn into a disaster with 3 kids in tow.


Amie said...

Hugs -- WE all have days like that :) YOu sure do have your hands full with 3 babies, I couldn't do it! I hope that yo have a better day today :)

Adam's Mom said...

HAPPY TUESDAY! Bet you're glad that day is over!!