Monday, February 13, 2006

You will never see IT Manager on my name tag

Well the Shitiba (Toshiba) died again. Dang thing keeps overheating and just shuts off so Dave got out the Compaq laptop for me and said he'd take The Shitiba back to Best Buy for the 3rd time now in a year! He tried connecting the Compaq laptop pictured last night (it has a wireless card) and it wouldn't connect. Then IE kept giving him those error windows that say SEND or DON'T SEND so out of all the things to do, he deletes IE and says to reinstall it in the morning. I am a DUMBASS when it comes to computers but I did what he said to do. Every time though, I'd try to start up the IE disc it would say it was missing Iexplore.exe something or other. Finally after lashing my tongue through the phone line at him he told me to try installing the SBC software which has IE Ver 6.0 and it worked! I thought for sure I would get a connection now. NOPE. So being the smart networking geek I am, I thought disconnecting the modem and router would SURELY get the connection back. NOPE AGAIN. Instead it dropped the connection on the other two computers in the basement meaning no internet. Yeah I said computers.
We have a total of 5 active computers and 2 out of service in our house. Usually 3 are networked at all times but today 1, the laptop, is out of commission. So after calling SBC and getting my connection back up I thought the connection would certainly be fixed now on the laptop. No again. The other 2 are working fine now but they are in the basement and with doing daycare I can't keep running downstairs to jump on although I have for a few minutes and maybe I'm losing a few pounds! I'm only on here now because it's nap time. I'm about to scream. I am a internet junkie. I need it to live!! LOL Sounds bad but without it I freak out. I can't figure out what to do with myself without looking at the computer for something. Ebay, blogs, Babycenter, Yahoo, my bank acct. I've got to have internet. Oh internet how I love thee!


Adam's Mom said...

I'm with ya sister! I am an internet junkie! I have my computer on all the time - even at 4 am when feeding Adam LOL. I hope it's better soon!

Crystal said...

CRAP! The toshiba died again! We just go ours out of the shop a few weeks ago. Remember, all of my Toshiba drama? Well, we go an HP in the mean time, and I LOVE it. It's my laptop now and Alex is using the Toshiba.