Monday, May 22, 2006

Trucker Talk

I have been constantly nagging lately at Dave to watch his mouth around the kids. As soon as Alex had her "I don't give a fuck" phrase popping out of her mouth at 2 yrs old, I started watching the things I said around her but Dave still hasn 't got the point. Sometimes he'll catch himself but most of the time he just lets it fly out when he's mad about something. I wish I could figure a way to curb both of our potty mouths, especially his. The phrase to come out of his mouth the most is "Jesus Christ." Everytime I hear it I give him the "eye" and tell him to watch his mouth. I'd prefer to smack him across the face for saying this as we all know this is very very bad to say, worse than fuck I'd say. LOL I'm so afraid Alex or Dominic are going to start saying this, can you imagine?? (sigh) The other favorite of his is "son of a bitch" which is still bad but not as bad as the other. The other little words fly out too, can't forget them.

Alex is really bad about copying things you say. When something or someone makes me mad, I say dork (watching my mouth) and so she does too. Everything and everyone is a dork. A squirrel runs across the road, it's a dork. The cable goes out on the TV, it's a dork. Back in the day, I didn't care for the word "private" being referred to a certain area so I started saying "taco." Everytime something involved the area she started saying "my taco ......" and D hated it. When she found out there was a food called a taco we switched the name to private because she was confused why it was called a food name, and we weren't explaining to her why. With her age at almost 6 now, I am almost positive that the bad words being said are going in one ear and staying in there. If she does start, I'm sure it'll give him more of a wake up call that she is hearing the words coming out of his mouth although she does do a good job of ignoring them most of the time.

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Kristi Ann said...

Hey girl!
I hear ya! Brad comes home after a day of work with "the boys" and it takes himn about a half hour to get back into the "Oh i cant say that" mode! Grrr. It drives me bonkers and I always yell at him! After all I take Sammy places and the last thing I want to hear him say while we are standing in line at the grocery store is.."those jack a$$'s" when someone is ticking him off. LOL