Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ugh Ugh Ugh

Last night I started feeling a bit strange. I've been super gassy lately and had to get up twice in the past week to go to the bathroom but last night I felt gassy and just strange. This morning I can tell I'm still feeling blah and that morning sickness is starting to roll in. I figured for sure I was going to puke but haven't so far. The empty light tummy feeling is certainly there though. Last night my left boob was pulsing and I thought "I wonder if this means something." hmmmmmm......

Last night while watching American Idol, Alex asked me about her legs. I feel bad the poor kid does look like she's growing a fur coat but now it's bothering her. I think it was because D was laying there on the couch with shorts on and his hairy legs exposed. She told me that she didn't like the hair and she wanted to get rid of it. I told her she looked fine and her head shrank down and she looked like she was going to start crying. I think 6 is alittle young to be shaving your kids legs. She says no one at school has made fun of her for it but I wonder if she's lying. The thing is she's alittle darker complected and the hair sticks out really bad because it's blonder. I'm not sure what to do, my thought was shave below her knees (where it's so noticable) maybe 1 time a month or every other month. Sounds crazy but if she's that bothered I would. I'm going to wait and see if she brings it back up, if not, we won't worry about it.

I'm going to her Kindergarten graduation today so I'll post pictures tomorrow of both Dominic's and Alex's. I know they are doing some skits. Should be cute! I can't believe summer is here and school is out, well except for Dominic going to school in June! Where did the time go!


Adam's Mom said...

I hope you feel better tomorrow! Morning sickness stay away!

And about Alex, I completely understand about wanting to help her. I know it's vain, but I really want Adam to fit in at school so I'll try to dress him well and keep him "cool". I wasn't picked on as a kid, but I can imagine how hard it must be to be different. Being a mom is hard, especially when all you want to do is protect your kids!

Kristi Ann said...

LOL..poor Alex. I can remmeber thinking the same thing! I would actually take my moms disposable *yuck* razor and sneak to shave mine. I think I was like 8. Girls are girls! Poor thing having to deal with it already!