Friday, August 04, 2006

Alex: She's One Smart Cookie

So I've explained in the past about Miss Priss knowing EVERYTHING. Here's a little reminder. She says Enzyte is for men and women. Uh huh. So anyways it has come to my attention that maybe she's been watching a bit too much TV this summer. Everyday it seems like she's telling me at the store or just running up to me and saying we need to buy this, that or the other because there's a contest, promotion or just something going on at some place in town.

Fruit Rollups- Win a trip to Hollywood!!!
McDonalds- Win a Car for the Pirates of the Carribean movie!!!!
Go Gurt Portable Yogurt- Race tracks for the Cars Movie on each push up!!!
The Nissan Quest- "Look Momma!! It's the Magic Bus with 2 TV's!!!!!!!"
Wendy's Kids Meals- You can get sandwiches and yogurt now with your kid's meal!!
Eggo Waffles- One side is regular and one side is now chocolate!!! Let's buy some!!!

It just goes on and on. I'm really looking forward to school starting back up and for her little brain to go into overdrive on remembering how to add, read and write. lol I enrolled her yesterday. I felt pretty crappy too because if we sell our house, she'll have to transfer in the school year now, it's just not what I was wanting. I signed back up to be a room parent till we transfer because I love doing things for her and her classmates. Dominic will be enrolled in 2 weeks for his school. Since he attends an Early Intervention school he's at a complete different location. Alex's first day is the 15th, less than 2 weeks away now!! It's hard to believe summer is just about over and it's time for our busy school year to start back over. We'll be attending both school PTA's, Gymnastics, Brownies, and we plan on sticking Dominic into something, either Fall Soccer or Tae Kwon Do. I love doing it all though, keeps us busy!


Kristi Ann said...

She is toooo funny! Sounds like I was at that age! I think that's why my mom laughed and laughed and laughed when i told her i was having a girl! LOL

Tuesday Girl said...

she sounds very smart!

Jenn said...

That is too cute about Alex... of course I say that because I don't have to listen to it all day. ;) I'm sure you'll be happy when they go back to school and get most of their energy out there.