Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Appointment and Some Pics

I had a pretty good appointment yesterday and their business office didn't ask to speak to me about paying up front. Last year with Damien they called me back BEFORE my appointment. When they didn't this time I was like, "oh ok, i just won't say anything." So I got out of there and escaped the claws of their greedy business manager. This will give me 1 more month to figure out whether I should keep going there after we move or transfer to a new OB. My next appointment is August 30th where I'll be alittle over 20 weeks and we'll do my big sono.

I'm really starting to wonder what the heck I have in there now. The office used to do sonos at 17 weeks but I guess they must have had too many occurances of not being able to tell or something so now they do it at 20 weeks. It doesn't really bother me though. Dave has told me he'll be happy with whatever it is and has even said we don't need to find out. SO what I've decided is at this Sono, I'll tell the lady that does it just to let me look since I'm pretty good now at figuring out sonos, then we just won't tell him and see how long he goes before it's bugging the crap out of him. Is that evil or what??? LOL

After my appointment I came to the main road and wanted to go to Sonic for a Fresh Fruit Slush but the road was blocked by cop cars. I had to turn the opposite direction but looked and saw that there was a bike turned over next to a car. I knew someone must have been hurt by looking at it. Come to find out it was a classmate of my mom's and his wife on the back died, he's in serious condition in the hospital. Airlifted and that's probably why they had that whole section of the 4 lane blocked off so they could get the helicopter in there. So sad though!

Last I'll leave some new pics of the boys. Alex hasn't let me taken any good pics lately.
Damien on the Couch
Chillin on the Couch
Dominic has been shoving balls in his shirt so he's pregnant too.
Dominic's Pregnant!
Damien trying to grab things off the kitchen table

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Kristi Ann said...

Darn it...I want a SONICS here...they advertize it on TV and they dont even HAVE ONE! They did that to me in VA too! I think they they dont exsist! LOL...Same with the Olive Garden! Pisses me off~ Especially when I was preggo!