Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Better Day

Well things are going much better this morning. After K and K's mom came and cleared things up yesterday and paid me, things got much better. Since I had the whole day off so I took the kids out in the afternoon to Wendy's for a Frosty. This morning I'm watching L (the 6 yr old) and her friend who stayed the night with her. I thought it was going to just be for a hour but come to find out it's for 3! Oh well. Dominic threw up this morning I believe from being so hungry but of course I had just ate and then ended up throwing up as well from the smell and viewing of his. Nice!

So I discovered this morning with a warning from Linda that if you Google your name, you could possibly bring up your blog. So I tried, and it happened. So hopefully no one I complain about on here on a regular basis ever finds this site. I went to the post that I was identified on and took out the last name. Since my name on this site is my real name, and this post I put the last name in, it pulled it up. Not cool. Even though I changed it, it STILL brought it up. Luckily it's like at the bottom of the Google page, the first 25 or so brought up searches that are all in Italian with my name.

So today is also my 16 week appointment. Oh boy oh boy! I have to discuss a payment plan with the business office. With Damien's birth they asked me to pay $800 upfront before surgery, I did but then after my insurance paid them off completely, I wanted my money back and they told me no, not till my 6 wk appointment which did not fly with me at all. I haven't went bezerk like that on a business ever. I'm usually pretty civil. So now they want $1200. I'm going to just go ahead and tell them I'll pay it but I want the money back as soon as I get verification by an insurance statement on how much they will pay them. If my insurance pays the whole freakin bill, they should KNOW I met my max payout. Your insurance isn't usually going to pay a whole freakin bill then not pay on your 6 week postpartum. Their comeback last year was that I still had lab work with the pelvic after Damien was born when my return comeback was MY INSURANCE PAYS FOR ALL LABS, I don't. So I got my money through mail the next day. Dave wants me to transfer to a OB in Wichita if we do end up moving. I'm willing but a bit scared. I've had all my kids through the place I'm going to right now and I hate change. Plus at the hospital here, I know where the Maternity fridge is for us Mom's and we can get whatever the heck we want so usually while I'm in the hospital I drink about 20 cans of pineapple juice and chocolate milk and eat about 6 cups of jello. lol


Adam's Mom said...

Such crap you have to pay in advance! So glad things are different in Canada - Shawn and I could never afford a baby!

Oh and on the google things - I always google my name and my friends and family (I'm such a snoop) I'm in the clear!

R said...

Yay! Things are better!!!!!!!! I have to pay in advance too..I DON'T LIKE IT! I figure they will pay me back if I pay too much.

Rhonda said...

Glad things are getting better. I still can't believe you have to pay upfront like that! Specially when your insurance paid it last time! I hope you get it all worked out.