Saturday, August 05, 2006

Heat Can Make One Moody Mommy


You know it's really hard to believe Damien is already 13 months. He still seems like a baby to me mainly because he hasn't mastered walking yet. He'll walk about 15 steps or so then fall on his butt. Mainly he'll just go from the couch to the loveseat but sometimes you'll see him out of the blue try to walk down the hall or walk into the kitchen. He's so cute too because he thinks if he goes fast, he'll make it so when he walks he usually goes at like a flying fast speed almost leaning forward with his arms out to catch something if he falls. It amazes me how much he understands now too such as if someone takes a toy from him. He won't have any of that and will attempt to take it back. He knows that cars go "rrrrrrrrrr" when you drive them and the word "EAT" means he gets food.


These pictures were taken yesterday at 8 AM, about the only time here in Kansas where the kids can go outside and play. This weather just SUCKS. It's so hot and humid. The kids even at 8 AM can only stand about maybe 1 hour of it and want to come in. I can't even stand it after 10 minutes. I'm looking forward to it cooling down but at this rate and with how hot it's been this summer it probably won't happen till the beginning of October.

Damien swinging

Yesterday it was so hot, my Grandma took the kids (except Damien) to the pool and I told her I'd go pick them up. Our pool thinks it's extra special with their dumb water slides and such that they won't let anyone in without paying even if you are just picking up your kids. I was pissed, they paged my grandma but the kids weren't ready so I came back at 5. I was a bit worried Dominic might poop in the pool. I came back at 5 and she took him to the locker room to get dressed. Alex came out and said that Dominic had pooped his pants in the pool because he had runny poop in his pull up. I was so mad, I went to the car to get the wipes and this time I basically said fuck it and went to the pay window and told the bitches "you know what, my son pooped in the pool and I'm not going to allow my grandma to change that so sorry, I'm going in." I walked in there straight to the bathroom and you could just smell the stench. My Gma was shocked and asked if I paid the $4 to get in and I said no, I just walked in. With the heat index it was 110 degrees and I had been waiting with Damien in the stroller for like 15 minutes. She had sprayed it all off in the shower with Dominic gagging the whole time. lol Serves him right. But she didn't need the wipes after all. When I came out the pool manager was standing around almost like he was looking for a certain person, hmmm wonder who. I just walked by with my box of Huggies wipes in hand and escorted my kids out of there. To me, that's just pathetic to not let someone go and get their kids and leave when it's 110 out. So that was my excitement yesterday. Anyone else have anything exciting happen yesterday??

Alex and Lexi



Crystal said...

Those pool people suck! You did the right thing. I can't believe they charge you to just run right in and then come right back out!

All of your pics are super cute! My God! I can't believe you are already 17 weeks! The new baby will be here before you know it!

Rhonda said...

I can't believe they wanted to charge you to go in and get the kids! It is also surprising that D is pooping in the pool! I hope he stops that soon!