Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Labor of Love

Ok, another pregnancy complaint. This pregnancy is going to kill me. I just want the next 20 some weeks to hurry so I can get this child out. I love him/her but this is just not good on my poor body. 5 AM this lovely morning I got a Charlie horse from rolling over. Dave's lucky he was in the shower because usually I'll start flapping my arms, pounding whatever is around and he seems to get beat up if he's laying there. God it must have lasted a minute, I thought it'd never end. So I'll be stumbling around today as my left leg is sore from that, and my right upper leg has a vericose vein that throbs now constantly. Obviously bedrest is not an option for me but if I'm hobbling around now at 17 1/2 weeks, what will I be like at 30, 35, 37? I used to love being pregnant, uh not anymore. Just give me the kid already.

I had a daycare interview the other day with a Mom who teaches and needs care for her 14 month old little girl Allison. Today is day #2 that I haven't heard from her so I'm assuming if I don't hear back by Friday, she's found someone else. Having our house on the market didn't seem like a big deal to her because she herself might be moving to a different city so the care could be short term. So we'll see. I showed her the play area, kitchen, back yard so she had a feel for the place. Then I made sure to tell K and K that she may get a reference call from her. lol Basically I told their mom that if we don't sell this house soon, we may just pull it and wait till next summer to sell. Their mom said if we do that she plans on leaving the girls here so that's good. As of tomorrow, it's back to the fulltime daycare grind. I'll have K and K from 7:30-4 and L from 7:30-3 the next 2 days and pretty much the same schedule next week till school starts.


Kirsten said...

Owie! That sounds like no fun with the cramps and the vein! I hope it doesnt' get any worse!I am about to join your club soon as I just found out I am pregnant too!

Rhonda said...

Sorry this pregnancy is being so hard on you. Hope you make it through the day!!!

Kristi Ann said...

I am NOT looking forward to what #3 does on my body! Especially my boobs! Hope you feel better soon!