Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mini Thins, NoDoze, and Mountain Dew Anyone??

I had a night from HELL but usually that's said with a newborn in the house. No not here. Kids all went down at 9. Damien usually falls asleep quite fast but both boys were up till 10!! Damien was jumping around playing in bed, not crying or anything though so that was nice. Dave and I thought we'd get our freak on around 11 which was interupted by both boys (Dominic coughing his head off and waking up, Damien screaming because he lost his binkie) so it was a race to the finish because we knew if we didn't, something else was going to happen. Nothing else did though and we fell asleep around 12. I woke up at 2 AM, thought my bladder was going to explode and as soon as I got up I had excruciating pain from my lovely vericose vein on the back side of my knee. Ugh this pregnancy SUCKS. Each pregnancy has definitely been worse on my body that's for sure. I might have dozed off possibly man who knows but 3 AM and Alex is standing overtop of me. This kid just stands there and waits for you to wake up not saying a word till finally you toss and she's RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE. I keep picturing her with a butcher knife one of these days. Her ear is bugging her. I'm praying it's not another ear infection. If so it could possibly be the 8th one in a year. Last night her 6 year Molar was bugging her (enough that she cried at gymnastics) on the opposite side so I know it's not that molar bugging her ear. So along with making a Dr appointment for her ear, I will also be calling the dentist and asking what to do about her molar woes because the kid is basically back to the teething stage at the moment and in some pain. So same thing at 5:45, standing over me saying her ear hurts. By 6:30 I hauled myself out of bed to start the day and as soon as she heard the floor boards creaking, she jumped out of bed too.

So I'm a bit tired this morning, and mini thins NoDoze and Mountain Dew would be a great combination to get me through the day but being pregnant at the moment, that cocktail is out. Instead I will enjoy my big glass of Nesquik Chocolate Milk and Tylenol for the sleep deprevation headache soon too come.

Oh and some great news, our open house only had 3 couples but 1 seems pretty interested and actually said our house was the best one she'd seen so far so hopefully that's a plus. Our realtor is trying to get more info from them in the next few days since they didn't have a realtor themselves.


Rhonda said...

Hang in there, you will make it!

Adam's Mom said...

it had to have been a nasty one if you found it difficult!!!! I hope Alex doesn't have another infection! Tomorrow is a new day!