Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well Here We Go!

I told Dave to expect people to start asking us soon if we were going to be getting "fixed." Sure enough now that we're down to 9 Weeks 6 Days, the question is pouring in. First off, I'll just say we've decided we're waiting for atleast 2 years before anything permanent....just in case. lol

Few days ago my Grandma was here and asked "are you getting your tubes tied?" and I just told her "Dave's Doing it" to get her off my back. Then at Alex's Brownie Halloween party the mom's were all asking me which of us was getting it done. Since they aren't my family I just told them the truth, neither of us. There was alot of shocked faces like we're freakin nuts. Some disgusted ones too. They really didn't say much though. I've already heard them at the beginning of this pregnancy with "two was enough for me!" "I'm glad to be out of that diaper stage" "wow, you're a fertile mertile, must be nice." and the best one, "oh this must have been an accident."

My mom called the other night talking about the kids and such then out it came.

Mom: "So are you getting your tubes tied this time or is Dave getting cut."
Me: (big sigh) (lie)"I don't know yet." (looking at Dave) "So Dave am I getting my tubes tied or are you having it done?"
Dave: "No, we're going till we're tax exempt."
Me: "did you hear Dave?"
Mom: "oh no your not."
Me: "well he thinks at 10 more would be fine. 15 at the most." (HUGE LIE)
Mom: "well I sure hope you don't do that. You guys need to do something though."
Me: (switch conversation) "So did Madison's Pinata work out ok?"

D's got more comebacks then I do and I can tell ya he'll take full advantage when people start hounding him about it. He's already been told at work he can get a V for like $500 at a place and no one would ever know. I guess anything to do with our bodies is open for public discussion. At least it seems like it. Feel free to tell us what surgeries you think we should have done. Do i need some Lipo? Maybe a boob job? You decide. LOL


Anonymous said...

*sigh* I hate it when people take it upon themselves to ask personal information or even offer their advice or comments....


So which one of you will be doing it? Cause I THINK....(joke..:))

Anonymous said...

I am trying to come up with a witty comment for you but I've got nothin! People are so rude!!

Colleen said...

We are waiting a few years till we decide to do anything permanent, so I got an IUD placed. All of the female OBGYNs Jason works with at the hospital have them, so that was a good endorsement for me. They have a new kind that is plastic and has some birth control medicine on it. It rocks! It is easiest to place right after you have a baby too! Just FYI, but do whatever you guys want to do.

Shana said...

That is SO fucking rude. Grrr.