Friday, November 03, 2006

Gag Gag, Barf, Gag, Barf, Squirt Squirt, Barf, Squirt

*****This post is not for someone with a weak stomach*****
OMG the past 3 days have been the biggest nightmare EVER. Ok I've had 2 kids sick at once and it's hell but I've made it through but 3 is like a whole 'nother ballgame, ya'll. Damien had been acting strange starting on the 30th. He puked in bed early that morning and had a low grade fever, big snotty nose, but acted like his crazy toddling self. The 31st he acted pretty decent so we decided he could go trick or treating. Then on the 1st everything was hunky dory till around 8:30 after we came back from our therapy appointment. Damien was all upset since my mom was showering Alex off and stuck him in his crib. I asked him if he wanted a drink and he said "dis!" So we got some milk and sat on the couch. Next thing I know I see him heaving and he's thrown up all over me, the carpet, and my isotoners since I can't wear shoes after stubbing my toe into a plastic slide in Damien's room. I handed him off and FLEW to he bathroom so I could throw up and pee myself since this child within is sitting right on my bladder and I have no control when I throw up. I should have caught on that he was getting something because he had seriously runny poop twice that day. So bad that one time it went on the floor and I had to steamclean.

After that lovely incident we got Damien to bed. He was fine all night, Dominic not so. I was up almost every freakin hour with the poor guy because now he was puking. After about 6 times, it got to a point where the poor guy had nothing left so it was just alot of dribbles and dry heaves. I pretty much knew by this point it was the Stomach Flu and I'd be getting it. By morning on the 2nd, everything was fine till 9 AM and then Damien tossed his breakfast all over the table. I shuffled Dominic into the front room so he wouldn't throw up by seeing it. Then while Dominic was eating I heard a familar sound. The one of a newborn letting off a yellow seedy bomb in it's pants but instead it was coming from Dominic. I asked him "did you just poop your pants??" He responded with "no it was bubbles." I took him in the front room quickly to change him and it was awful. There were 4 more hershey squirt diapers from him throughout he day Thursday but he didn't throw up and I thought maybe the boys were on the mend. Yeah right. I started feeling pretty crappy Thursday evening and by the end of the night I had the squirts and felt like I could lose it at anytime.

We slept rather well though and no one puked in the middle of the night! It was a miracle! I woke up both boys and could tell Damien felt a bit better. Dominic was still not doing so well. He'd actually puked in his sleep and slept in it. Then all morning he gagged and gagged but since he hadn't really ate in 2 days, there was nothing that would come out. Alex went to school at 7:10 but by 9:45 she was home. I had actually sent her to school with a note explaining the situation and telling them to call me if she started acting weird. She slept for 2 hour and then at noon I tried to get her to eat something of the BRAT diet. We tried applesauce but as soon as she saw it, she started to gag. Then out came the throw up. I lost it too since I had been pretty sick to my stomach so I ran to the bathroom to throw up and pee all over myself. I think I pulled a few muscles on my side in my baby gut from that episode.

By 1 PM Dave had came home feeling like crap. He went to bed and slept for 4 hours. Must be nice! I did sneek in there and sleep with him for a hour when Damien took a nap. Everything was going pretty decent till around 8 PM tonight and then Dominic threw up again. Then my mom called me telling me she puked as well. So this house is plagued right now because she hasn't been here since the 1st when we had our therapy appointment.

Anyways I'm hoping this will all be over by Sunday. We were going to go to an event called KidFest tomorrow but there's just no way I'm attempting it. It's the coolest thing ever for kids and we've been before but I'm not going to take a chance that someone is going to get the squirts when we're 45 minutes from home. I don't even think I can get a shoe on anyways after jacking my foot up so bad the other day.

owwie foot

You can see the purple on my little toe there and then there's a big blue circle below my 2 toes. It looks nasty. It's still so swollen and bruised from kicking that slide wednesday that any shoe I have about kills me to stick my foot into. I've been wearing some black isotoners when I have to go outside. It hurts like hell to walk but I can bend my toes so I'm sure it's not broke. This has not been a good week but I'm sure by the end of the weekend things will be back to normal, we'll hope! I hope everyone else reading has a great weekend.


Rhonda said...

OMG Sabrina!! I thought I had it bad this week! Hope all you guys are feeling better soon. Hope no one is getting too dehydrated.

Anonymous said...

You said it ALL in the title...

*runs to bathroom*