Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Found out yesterday that Damien once again has not fully rid his ear infections so the poor guy is now on another 10 day round with Omnicef. Seems like every ear infection with him we do 10 days Amoxicilin and then 10 days Omnicef to knock them out. The nights for the past week or so with him have been just awful. Last night I was up with him from 1:15- 3:30. He wouldn't even go to bed till after 10 and we had to keep going in there to finally get him just to go to sleep. When he was up from 1-3 I finally asked Dave if he could go talk to him and see if he could coax him back to sleep. Well he must have the magic touch because all he did was turn on some Christmas lights in his room and talk to him for a few minutes and then he came back to bed. That was it out of him till he woke up at 7 AM which I was awake so that was fine. I am beat and hopefully I can make it through the day. I'm wondering if the poor guy has a sore throat from coughing so much and maybe that's why he's moaning more than his ears hurting now. When he woke up at 1, he was coughing and sounded like couldn't breathe sucking in these huge breaths. It freaked me out and I pretty much was afraid to go to sleep after that.

Alex has been really laying on the questions about Santa. I'm wondering if she's starting to get the picture that a fat dude in a red coat couldn't possibly give out millions of toys in 1 night. Last night she told me a friend of hers got a letter from Santa and if that was true that Santa sent letters. She's asked how he gets in the house since we don't have a fireplace, if Santa really ate her cookies last year she left out, and how he knows if they've been bad or good. We've told her all the Santa's around town are the Santa helpers since he can't be everywhere at once because we knew that would be asked sooner or later. I'm hoping she can hold onto the spirit of Santa for atleast one more year. Mainly because if she finds out he isn't real then she'll know the others aren't real either. She still hasn't even lost a tooth for the tooth fairy yet and she loves the Easter Bunny leaving her a big basket of goodies every year. She also has a big mouth and I can see her telling her brother. I remember as a kid I caught on from the handwriting on the tags, very obvious it was my dad who only wrote in caps. It wasn't a big deal to me but for Alex I can see this being like the death of Steve Irwin which she took pretty hard.

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