Friday, January 05, 2007

We decided to make use of our Hot Tub last night that we've used maybe 6 times in the past 9 months. I feel awful getting in there being pregnant. Is the water too hot? The jets too hard? When I went out to get in, I flipped open the lid and found the screen said it was 100 degrees. Whoa. That's a bit warmer than the low 90's I had kept it at the previous times of getting in there while pregnant. I was freezing my butt off so I went ahead and got in but asked D if could go get some ice to cool it down because I didn't want to fry our little girl into a giant fish stick. Instead we turned on the air bubbles and got it down to 97 which is still high but I felt alittle more comfortable. I'm not even sure what the safe temp is while pregnant. All night though I felt like a horrible uncaring Mom. I still am feeling it this morning. She's been moving around though and had hiccups a few times so I think she's ok. Kinda like Christmas Day when I had some cheap ass wine at my Dad's house. It wasn't too much but just enough to make me feel crummy afterwards for drinking it.

So here's the last of my preggo pictures. This is 38 Weeks. Can you see my ugly belly button. UGH! I've never had it stick out this much ever. Yuck!


Anonymous said...

Woot Woot....a little hot tubbin'!!

Sure wish I had one!!

I love your preggo pic. I still can't believe how close you are! You actually look small in that pic, like you have 3 more months to go. lol Lucky you! I was a fat cow.

Oh yeah...and how did you manage to talk Dave into the PINK carseat?? last I heard he downrigth refused! LOL I love it though...its the one we almost got for McKayla...but I wanted a stroller to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Look at that preggo belly!

I took hot baths all through my pregnancy and Ella was fine as could be. And I had a couple half glasses of wine after I hit 30 weeks with Ella (my midwife said it was totally fine) so don't feel guilty about that either!

Anonymous said...

Your belly looks so good. I am sure the hot tub was fine as was the wine. Good luck with the C!!!!

Sabrina said...

Small? Really? LOL You should have seen me in my swimming suit last night. I would have scared the living crap out of you all! HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I agree your belly is so small!!! You look awesome!!! I can't wait until your due date!!!