Friday, March 23, 2007

"You just had to have one more to get that little girl didn't you."

My poor little girly girl. Mia screamed nearly all day yesterday. I pretty much was in a daze from the past few days that I ignored her cries that something was wrong. She cried so much that she sounds hoarse and she even had me crying because I just wanted her to shut up and she wouldn't. My mental state yesterday was in shambles. Finally Dave came home and all chaos was going on. Damien was crying, Mia was crying, the other two were running around trying to kill each other. I was so spent and Dave knew it. He insisted that he'd keep the babies so I could go to Alex's Brownie meeting without Mia attached to my hip like she had been most of the day. She was awake all day crying and slept maybe 3 times for 20 minutes each. My house was a wreck, I was a wreck and the kids...well they could careless of course.

So I got Dominic and Alex on their school buses at 9 AM this morning. I took Damien and Mia with me to the Dr. Dave said ear infection, I thought sore throat and I thought she had thrush which was weird since I hadn't breastfed her in over 4 weeks. Turns out we were both right. Mia has a ear infection in her left ear, thrush, and a viral infection. Her ear was bright red and she had white spots all over the back of her throat. She weighs 12 lbs. She's on Difulcan, Amoxil, and ear drops now.

After the Dr's visit I had to run to Wichita for some fundraising fliers for Alex's school for a fundraiser D through together. 45 minutes there/45 minutes back. Then I dropped off her scripts and ran to Alex's school in the next town over. By this time the kids had been in the car for 2.5 hrs and I dropped of the fliers to the receptionist who met me outside since she knows I have other kids. After that I raced back to our house to pickup Dominic off the bus. We were home for a few minutes so I could let Damien stretch and feed Mia. Then we hopped back in the van.

We went to McDonalds for lunch since they weren't done filling the prescriptions for Mia which I HATE going inside with the kids but I really had no choice unless I wanted to drive all the way back home. McDonalds at lunch sucks. There are tons of kids and old people plus hauling in numerous kids is hard enough. So with Damien on my hip, Mia in the carrier and Dominic grabbing my pocket I ran inside with them. Oh the looks, and the comments. We sat down and 3 little old ladies flocked over to the table. "You've got your handsful" was the first comment as we sat there. Then "you better listen to your mommy and eat" said to Damien who just laughed at that one. "wow, they are awfully close in age." another said. Then after all this unwanted attention as I was trying to go out the door a lady walks up and says "I was just saying to my husband that I'm glad we're done with THAT phase." She was like 70. I was thinking, you're happy to be old?!?! Then as I am opening the door to leave she says, "is this one a girl?" I said yes smiling. "Oh you just had to have one more to get that little girl didn't you?" OH MY! I had to jump at this one. I said, "well actually they have an older sister in grade school and we plan to have a few more someday." Her jaw nearly fell to the floor and she looked alittle confused. LOL What is it about old women and me? Wasn't it customary in their day to have bigger families?? Is our era just too retarded to do it because we don't live on a farm in the middle of nowhere? I don't get it. It felt GREAT to say something back though. Made my day.


Lindsay said...

I love it when I have that quick come back. I'm too tired these days to fire anything back when I go out with Jana and huge belly! I would have loved to see the look on her face. I'm still not sure why people think it's their duty to make comments.

Sorry Mia is so sick. It's the worst when you can't tell if they are screaming to scream or if something is really wrong.

I hope you can find some time when Dave is home this weekend to relax.


Adam's Mom said...

Gawd that must be so annoying! Why do people care how many kids you have? they are obviously taken care of, fed and loved - isn't that enough???!

Colleen said...

The best is when you have to discipline your kids in public and the old people who have forgotten what it was like look at you with that "how DARE you " look! People need to mind their own business. What they should have done was help you carry the food to your table!

My comeback when I get the looks or the snide remarks is to say to Connor "if you dont quit that I am gonna give you to that woman right there". That usually makes them smirk at my joke and turn away. They get the hint.

Keep the faith. Sick babies are no fun :(

Sara said...


First of all, I am so sad that you have had to go through another terrible loss. Even though I know your feelings were mixed and confusing this time around, it doesn't make it any easier, but yet you just have to trudge on. It sounds like you have been having a bit of a rough time. I am so glad that your hubby has been stepping up to the plate and helping out, recognizing how difficult it is for you with all the kiddos right now. It will get easier, of course, but it will be a while!!!

As for the comments, I was cracking up. I know how that is, and I only have two. I can just imagine what people will say when we have more. My sister with three boys and a girl ALWAYS gets the comment about how she just had to have that girl. I mainly get the, "You have your hands full," comment. Every once in a while, when the boys are being ornery, I say, "Yep." LOL. Usually I just respond by saying something nice about the boys (I keep thinking that when people say these comments, my boys understand them now!), like they are really well-behaved and best buddies, so I wouldn't want it any other way. It always feels so dorky to say something like that, but I have found it very satisfying to see the person's mouth close and not open again. No one knows quite what to do when you respond with actual JOY about your hands being full. hehe.


Kristi Ann said...


it never ends.

Rhonda said...

Poor you and poor Mia!!! I hope she is all better now.

And again with the dumb comments! They never stop, do they???