Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back In The Swing of Things.....

I posted this picture because I think it really shows how cute she is. lol My lil Mia has become quite a dramatic diva. She has decided the past 3-4 days that she wants me all the time! Oh the insanity! I really don't mind it but I do have things to do around here so I hope this ends soon. I also don't mind scooping her up and laying 200 kisses on her though when she does cry for me. :)
Last night we had an Open House to attend at Alex and Dominic's school. It was so much fun! I love checking out their little desks, seeing their names on the bulletin boards, and having them show me every little thing in the room they are excited about! Love it! Alex's teacher seems really nice. I took an apple off the "wishlist tree" for prize candy but she also needs some games and puzzles so I'm going to pick up a few of those as well. Dominic's teacher and assistant seem really nice as well! Dominic was all over that classroom checking out EVERYTHING. He loved the discovery center where there were empty turtle shells. He liked the big carpet circle with a place for him to sit. He socialized with some of his soon to be classmates. We actually had to bribe him out of the classroom so that's great! I have no reservations about putting him in a normal preschool setting now. I love school just as much as they do!
While there I talked to so many different people. I am so glad we chose to stay here. I can't say that enough. I really can't imagine not being part of this small tight knit community. I talked to one mom about getting Alex started in 4H and found out they just had their first school year meeting on Monday! So we will have to wait and start in September. Alex is so excited! The fair is around the corner and we're going to pick out a few rabbits for a project. She's also interested in cooking, gardening and flowers. Everyone would stop us and say how happy they are that we were still there. Especially the other PTO members since we helped out so much the past few years.
I was informed over the summer that Alex's 2 Brownie Leaders are stepping down and they want me and another girl to take over so we are. I called the council and they are sending us both applications and hopefully we can start getting all the girls together once again. We'll have 11 or 12 girls this year. I originally was going to run the troop but the 2 gals were really wanting to so I told them go ahead and now they've had enough. So back to the original plan I guess. lol
After we got home Dominic's soccer coach called and told me their first practice is tomorrow. I still haven't heard from Alex's. I told Dave last night "isn't it great to get back to 'normal'? (meaning the school schedule, activities, etc) His response was "yep, let the madness begin!!!" I just laughed because really that's what it is. The kids schedules are about all we live by but really we wouldn't have it any other way. We love letting them participate.

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