Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Only At My House....

**Alex comes home from school, busts in the front door and says concerned, "Momma, we have to get a place for my fish to hide or she'll never have babies!!"

**Damien comes to me saying "momma momma, dis dis." pulling my hand and taking me to the bathroom. He points to the sink making this TA-DA sound where again I find all the toothbrushes shoved down the drain. My response......."Son of a .......(yes I stopped before I said it!!!) Dominic tagging along with us screams "BITCH!!!"


Rhonda said...

LOL!!!!! Great afternoon!!!!!!

Julie said...

Hi Sabrina,

Timmy just stuck his dad's third toothbrusth down our drain!! I'm glad our kid's not the only one. I keep a reserve on hand too, but this is getting rediculous!

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Matty is saying something that sounds like Oh My God! I guess I say it too much, or should screen the tv shows more carefully. They pick up on everything and it really only has to be said once.

I haven't had the toothbrush in the drain yet, but he almost put a toy in the toilet a few weeks ago. He had it hovering over the bowl, sorta like he knew it was wrong when I caught him LOL!