Friday, August 24, 2007

Go Black Panthers!

Dominic had his first Soccer practice last night with his team. Watching all the little ones was comical. The coach, trying her best not to get frustrated, would say "now we don't touch the ball with our hands, only with our feet. Ok?" Then the kids would pick the balls up right after she said it. They exercised by running around cones and did some stretching which was cute. Then she had them team up and practice kicking the balls to each other which they didn't quite understand what to do so they'd pick up the ball (again) and throw it at each other. Some of the little girls would run crying to their dad's. It was a bit warm and probably not a good night for the kids to be practicing.
The best part of the evening though was when the coach decided to gather all the kids in a circle and ask them what they would like to name the team so we would be something other than the black team. Their little imaginations went wild as they name dropped everything they could imagine would be "awesome" to name their team. There was Princess Warriors, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Barbie Girls, Transformers, etc.
Finally after getting no where, Coach I guess thought of the first thing that popped in her head for the color black and said "how 'bout the Black Panthers!?" The kids ooohed with excitement. Their faces lit up and they all put their hands on each others and then said "goooooo Black Panthers!" All of us parents looked at each other with our eyes bugging, trying not to smile and then we all looked at the only black parent who Dave and I had been talking with to see his reaction in which was the same as ours. It was obvious we were all thinking the same thing and just dying inside to burst out laughing. I'm sure when she got home yesterday she probably realized wait a minute.... So we each now have a 4 year old revolutionist.


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so cute!

Kristi Ann said...

OMG....I died laughing right here. That was TOO funny!!!

What a name!:)