Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cubbies, Sparks, and TnT''s Oh My!!!

Last night we began Awana. Oh what fun! lol For folks out there who have not heard of this, it's a church based club to teach God's Word. It stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed. There are games, snacks, songs, and memory of bible verses. I did it myself as a kid and since the church needed some teachers, well I voluntered both of us since I was putting Dominic and Alex in. So my little sarcastic remark about children in church being angels a week ago? Yep, still sarcastic. Dave was put in TnT's with 3rd and 4th graders and I on the other hand was put in TnT's with 5th and 6th graders. His kid were great according to him. My kids would not listen, did not want to be there and were hounding me to sign their books because they only missed 8 words in a bible verse!?! I don't think so! lol Alot of the girls brought these stupid vitual pet toys and thought they could just play. It was aggravating! When we trained a few weeks ago, one member mentioned how it was like a dump off babysitting service for parents and with the older kids, I really think it is. It was funny, especially in game time because I remembered the games and although my team lost, they tried so hard and that was great to see! I think Dave really enjoyed himself too.

My kids LOVED Awana which was exactly what I had hoped for. They brought home the beginner brochures and Alex gawked at the vest and badges all night telling me she NEEDED a handbook and she NEEDED a vest. It was quite cute. Dominic's not too sure about the Cubbie Vest but he sure loved the crafts and Cubbie bear puppet they all made. So it was alot of fun and they are extremely excited about getting back to church on Sunday and then next Wednesday so they can do it all over.


Wendy said...

Lorelei was so disappointed because they didn't hand out her Cubbies vest last night. But she got to buy a Cubbies bag online this morning so she was a little better. Awana's a great program. I didn't do it as a kid but my husband go his citation award so our kids have no choice! LOL

Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear that your kids loved the Awana program!

I hope that it gets better for you too. I kwym about it being like a drop-off babysitting service for some parents. It's really a shame because it's the people like that who take advantage of it that make it miserable for the kids who do enjoy it like your kids. Our church is the same way... I can't tell you how many parents will drop their kids off in the nursery first thing in the morning and then not come back until last service is over. We've even had parents leave the property!! And these are also the same parents that will refuse to volunteer one week every 3 months in the nursery.

Sorry to rant on there. I hope that you all continue to have fun and enjoy it!!

Rhonda said...

I am glad that the kids had such a great time!!!! Sorry your class what not so great!

Kristi Ann said...

Yay!! I used to love the programs we had at our church. I cant wait to get the kids involved. :) I hope they like it as much as I did.