Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How High Schoolish: A Rant You May Want to Skip

I was talking to a mom friend of mine recently and found out something that is truly going to be bugging me and why I have no idea. I guess I'm just really pissed off!!! Here's the story. Carole and I have been friends since we met in the school gym both interested in being leaders for Girl Scouts three years ago. Since her friend was interested too I went ahead and backed down saying they could take on the troop since I had such a massive schedule anyways. Well they both backed out after 1st grade was over. Part of the reason was because our GS Council was demanding money from cookie sales and we "supposedly" had paid them. Carole and I found out that J actually embezzled all $4,000. Anyways then Mrs. BetterthanU and I stepped up to be the leaders. Mrs. BetterthanU has done NOTHING at all. She wanted to be the troop leader (I'd be the co-leader) but she's been to 1 training, no service meetings, no trainings on the sales, etc. I've done everything which is fine because I like being in control. lol Well Carole still helps me do everything while Mrs. BetterthanU sits and looks at Avon books I bring for all the gals. We don't know if she's mad because I've just sort of started doing everything since she's shown no interest in being a troop leader or if she's decided she just doesn't want to help.

We've got so much coming up with our Troop. This month we are doing a Mitten Drive collecting Mittens for a shelter. We are selling cookies and in February we are making cookies at my home and visiting a nursing home handing out cookies and cards for Valentine's Day for the residents. Then we are having a cookie booth sale. We're taking the girls to the indoor waterpark. I have organized all of this by the way.

So the high schoolish part? Her daughter had a birthday party recently and she invited everyone in their little "clique" but Alex. I asked Carole on the phone today, "did Nichole have a birthday party recently?" She responded, "I KNEW IT!! She didn't invite Alex did she?!?!" Nope no invitation in our mailbox and really I could care less but it just proves to me more about why I despise this woman. She's so Jekyll and Hyde. No one can figure out if she's serious or joking, she never smiles, she's so negative about everything. Anyways I'm sure NOW she's mad that I've just assumed the position as the troop leader but what do you do when someone says they are going to help and then they don't. Then they make no announcement on what their intentions really are!! Carole is about to explode on her about the troop as I am just like let's just leave her alone. So Nichole ended up having 11 girls over for a slumber party and all her friends were there and I guess they were all looking and asking each other where Alex was. I would never not invite Nichole to Alex's party in June as a payback. In fact it makes me want to invite her over or out skating just to piss her mom off even more. She can act like a victim to us all while her husband off to War in Iraq and she wished he was home and she could help out or that her 2 year old boy is just so bad that's why she has to beat on him in front of us but we all know the real Mrs. BetterthanU. Her little boy is no worse than either of mine and she has threatened her husband telling him he needs to provide, telling him not to get out as a Marine. Or as she says "there's only certain men that are born true Marines. Once a Marine always a Marine." Carole's husband, who was also a Marine but got out when his first child was born, would love to just slap her for thinking Marines getting out for their family are any less. lol So I'm not telling Alex a thing but I'm sure word will get out quickly to the other mom's now that Alex wasn't invited since Carole loves to talk. lol It just really peevs me though that she could just do it and think I'm not going to find out. I wouldn't have let Alex stay there anyways. That's how much I don't trust her. I don't know WHY I didn't just say from the beginning that I was going to be the troop leader since I was the one who contacted the council. That was stupid nice person in me I guess.


Kbreints said...

You should confront her and ask her point blank what the issue is. I cannot stand when people say one thing and do another-- It is to bad that the kids have to be involved in the game play!

Adam's Mom said...

how petty! icky!

Lucia's Mom said...

I agree with your last comment, be glad Alex wasn't invited and you didn't have to be the bad guy and say no because you don't trust her parenting. Maybe if Alex has just a really small party with her closest friends then it won't look like you're excluding the other lady's daughter.

Sounds like you don't like her as a parent and that sounds like someone you should just avoid.