Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First I'll mention I updated the boys' blog since I hadn't done that in awhile. Have you ever been to a place where you are just so overwhelmed with things in life, you just don't think it'll ever get any better? Well I am there right now. I have fallen in this pit on alot of thing and just feel stuck. My sister came over Sunday morning to get dressed for church (we all went together) and the first thing she mentioned was how bad the house looked. We had been gone since 9 am at church for other things and came back for a minute to meet her and her and the girls change before going back. I told her we'd been gone all morning and the house is normally a mess Sunday mornings anyways since we have to leave early. I don't know what she expects. My kids are up by 7-8 am and it's not like I can just start immediately cleaning when I have to get them dressed, fed, etc.

Anyways- my house has not been amazing lately. Mainly it's just clutter. Dishes, laundry is always done, floors are picked up but it's piles of crap everywhere that is the problem. Well that and the toys. I have such a hard time doing anything right now because of Damien and Mia getting into everything. I can't even run to the basement without him harming her somehow. Damien and Dominic bring tons of toy in the front room and yes we already have a rule that toys are to stay in your room but they don't listen. The kids leave me no time clean or tidy. I feel like it's all I do all day everyday and it still looks like crap.

Our crazy schedule being gone nightly doesn't help in the housework department and Dave showing up at 6-7 pm nightly doesn't either. By 7 pm I am getting kids bathed and ready for bed at 8 pm and after that I nearly collapse on the couch. Dave helps me nightly though because he knows how stressed I am with everything. I get calls all day about Avon or Brownies. I help at church. I run constantly to the school for some reason or another. I run kids all over. I go to some sort of meeting or appointment for myself weekly. I plan meetings for our Brownie Troop weekly. And the real stresser for me lately? That it's just not possible for me to do daycare again at this time. I can't. I still plan on watching the 3 older kids this summer but I can't watch little ones till maybe towards Jan 09.

I am so tired of being treated like I am blowing money constantly. We need or I'd like several new things around here and being told time and time again that if I could do daycare again we'd buy it is just getting on my nerves. This is a cash payment household. Dave doesn't want credit card debt, car debt, etc. We have no debt except for our smaller house loan. Sure we have money to buy things NOW with savings but like any man, he doesn't want to touch it. Our $2400 check from the IRS will also be going to savings because he wants to save as much as possible. Maybe I'm just moaning and groaning but I hate having things that I'd like to upgrade like a 10 yr old fridge with a broken icemaker. Or my couch that the kids are able to throw all the cushions on the floor and jump all over them. I'm not sure if anyone else can relate but I'm sick of being so conservative.

The one thing that I'm not really overwhelmed at all about is being pregnant. I do wonder how can I volunteer so much with a clinging newborn but I'm sure I'll figure a way. I also know I've got to get into a bigger vehicle in 6 months or Alex will be crammed between a highback booster and carseat. I try to listen to our little one usually every 2-3 days to make sure he/she is hangin out in there since I never really feel pregnant. They seem to be doing fine though, strong little heartbeat in there. My 12 week appointment is next week so I'm going to be writing out our "reveal" cards in the next few days and mailing them off so everyone will receive them hopefully on April fool's Day. We'll see if I confuse them or not. At least the joke isn't going to be on me this year. lol Our kids are still oblivious but want to know who gets the cute turtle Easter basket next year that I bought.............


Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Honestly, my mouth dropped to hear your sister said that TO you! And then my mind went to "I wonder what time you'll be showing up at HER house for an inspection NEXT Sunday??!?"

Your husband is doing good by you in keeping you debt free. It's what every one is doing nowadays. The whole DaveRamsey snowball thing. Not that the occasional purchase isn't rewarding either... Maybe you can pick the most super important-to-you item and discuss purchasing it when the refund comes.

I know that volunteering is rewarding for your kids, but having a stress-free mom is VERY rewarding, too. Perhaps this pregnancy will be a chance for you to reevaluate all of your commitments and you might even have to say no to a few things. I was at my sons' school several times a day last year myself, until the twins were born. Now, I'll be taking a few of those daily visit time periods to bring the babies for a walk, and hopefully lose some pounds in the process. Someone was doing all of the things you do BEFORE you showed up and took them on, right?

I hope everything goes well at your appointment!!

You have an awesome family. Take care of yourself!

Colleen said...

I agree, tell your sister that if she can't say anything nice, she shouldn't say anything at all. Or tell her she could help out. You have a ton of kids and another baking in the oven, it is amazing you have time to get a shower, let alone pick up after your crew! More power to you girl!

Besides, you thrive on saving money. Who could accuse you of spending too much when you work so hard to get good deals?

Kbreints said...

Yep-- I am with the others. Shame on your sister for caring. Really-- with a family, cleaning should be last on your list. No, you don't want o live in filth (which you don't) but would you rather spend your time with your kids... or organizing. There will beall the time in the world to organize later in life.

Don't let it bother you that much! Glad to hear that the littlest one is growing daily!