Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An Army of One....Team.

You know when your a Jayhawk household when your 5 yr old son is playing Hotwheels.com chanting "Rock...Chalk...Jayhawk...K.U." Over and over and over. You know your family loves the Jayhawks when they dress soley in honor of the Crimson and Blue, and sport their team at school. You know you are a fan when you about cry when they are about to lose by 3 points but then an out of the blue 3-pointer by your team with 5 seconds left on the clock ties the game putting it in overtime sending you off the couch screaming your head off in joy and your husband looking at you thinking your an idiot. And in the end, as we all knew would happen, Jayhawks triumphed once again...75 to 68. Woo hoo!

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Adam's Mom said...

who? LOL sorry Canadian here LOL cute pictures though!