Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Grasping at Straws, Again.

If anyone watched THIS on the Today show this morning, you know where this is going. Damien's Speech Lang Pathologist came by yesterday and we discussed options and treatment of what to do about Damien and his Speech Apraxia. It's getting to the point now where I'm losing hope that he'll ever talk. He'll be 3 in less than 3 months and Mia says clearly the same amount of words he is now. DAS basically is a neurological speech problem where the brain can't tell the mouth what to say. An example of DAS would be ask him a question, he'll say either of the 3 words he has embedded as an answer. Mamma, Dadda, Dis. Most answers is "dis."

This morning as I sat on the couch I caught the beginning of the Today Show's Is Plastic Bottles Safe? I've heard for awhile about PVC #3 recycled bottles as a big no no so I have already made sure that nothing plastic was #3 in our household. However now they are now saying that #1's, #2's, etc can break down being reused/reheated (AKA: Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups, Water bottles) This can cause fertility problems, neurological and behavior problems in children. Let me just say as many already know. I am FRUGAL. I have not seen this as a bad thing till maybe now. A great majority of our sippy cups and bottles.........are Alex's. Yep that's 8 yrs old sippy cups and bottles that have been reheated, reused. I save Sunny D squirt bottles sending the kids milk in their lunches with them. We reuse all Applebees, Carlos O'Kelly, Fridays cups till the point where we have so many we use them for hamburger grease, etc. I save alot of that stuff.

We have ruled out every part of Dominic's social/behavior problems (his Dr. Adhd diagnosis) now except taking out his tonsils and adenoids. I am just so not ready to do something for the sake that it "might" work. We cut red dye 40 out of his diet, limit sugar, give him special vitamins, subjected him to the torture of allergy testing, we do all these things and now here we are given a new option that maybe they are getting more in their drinks then we actually know from plastics breaking down. Damien is smart as ever but the words are just not there. When his brain can't tell him what to say, he pops mamma, dadda and dis out to everything said or asked of him. He converses very well on the baby level of his sister and I think that is why their bond is so strong. Who knows is this plastic deal is really the problem but it becomes to a point where you are so desperate for answers you grasp at any straw. Now this one is presented to us all as parents so we're all going to worry about it. Special Needs or Not.


Kbreints said...

Oh i am so sorry to hear the extent of Damiens issues. He is such an adorable little boy and I cannot imagine how heart breaking it is for you to have to grasp at straws as to why.

Angela said...

I sure wish you could get some answers. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you.

Colleen said...

I saw that segment too! It freaked me out! AHH! So we are being poisoned by the plastic we drink out of AND the parabens in our lotions and cosmetics. We're screwed right?

Adam's Mom said...

Oh Sabrina. My heart aches for you. I saw that on tv too - freaks me out!