Monday, July 21, 2008

Shoe Conspiracy Must Have Happened In The Closet Last Night

Well this is the week of the County Fair and my stress level has been turned up a few notches. Maybe I'm expecting too much but I just wish Dave would say someday to his boss, "hey I need a day off to help out with a few things at home." I have let him know the past few days how stressed and mad I am that he hasn't helped at all with this 4H ordeal. Alex and I spent who know how many hours Sunday in the kitchen baking as you can see. We made a dozen Lemon Spice Muffins, 2 loaves of Strawberry Walnut bread, a few dozen Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies and a few dozen Peanut Butter. We found 2 like sizes and like proportions of the cookies and muffins and picked one loaf to enter. I was a bit upset that our loaves did not crown all the way. I'm not sure what we did wrong. However the muffins have huge peaks which is great.

This morning according to the paperwork I had it said everything (unless specified) needed to be exhibited by 10 am. I had planned to get up around 6 so we could do this early but we didn't get there till 9 am. I have no idea what I'm doing so I hollered at some guy outside when we arrived asking where we dropped off rabbits. He said I was at the right place so I unloaded everyone and we headed in. I had Dominic carrying a bucket with Toby's supplies, Alex carrying our small carrier with Toby in it and I was pushing the double stroller. Dropping off Toby was not much of a challenge, I was happy and Damien and Mia were actually doing pretty well. Then as we were heading for the door, I was told not to forget to go to the office and get the Project Cards. WTH?! Ok now the day is about to fall apart. I was told I needed to bring back these project cards for Toby so as we were leaving for that, my sandal broke. Yeah. Since it was a flip flop I had no choice but to head back to the car...dragging my right foot slowly. (sigh) I was told the office was a box outside so we drove around for 15 minutes looking for this place. Couldn't find it plus what are project cards??? We decided to unload and try dropping off her food entries. Dragging my foot due to the broken sandal, we went up to a lady asking about the foods who said, "Oh my. You'll have to bring those back tomorrow, that's when they are accepting food entries." OMG! I just wanted to fall over right after hearing that. Not only could I not find these project cards at this make believe office, I have to come back at 7:30 am tomorrow morning to drop off food and then stay because they'll be judging her food then and she has to listen. I must have called Dave 20 times by this time complaining and yelling at him for not taking time off.
After realizing I could not keep doing all this with a broken shoe we drove back out to our house so I could get a new pair of sandals and Alex grabbed her swimming suit. We'd already missed playgroup and I needed to get the kids to their lessons. I was able to drop them off at the pool with my grandmother and go BACK to the County Fair looking AGAIN for these project cards. I finally found the office, INSIDE a building, not outside like I was told. I gathered Alex's project cards for her entries and put them with the rabbit and the rest will go in her food entries. By this time Mia and Damien are screaming and freaking out. I was not amused and it was 100 degrees. We loaded up again and went to go pick up Alex and Dominic from my grandmother. We unloaded, started walking and guess what? My freakin other pair of sandals I had went back to the house for earlier broke. I have no idea why. Crappy luck maybe? I also didn't get my Avon order placed before the deadline this morning, we didn't make playgroup, we made all our food a day early so hopefully it tastes as good on Tuesday, and I have no daycare help this week so I'll have to tote Mia and Damien along to judging at 8 am the next two days. I am in some serious need of chocolate. And some new sandals.


Cindy said...

Oh Sabrina, we have all had days like this, and guess what I know at least I have done it all alone. Jim is never home, so it is me and the kids. He is deploying at the end of the year, so I won't have any help at all period! My closes family is 14 hours away!

(((((big hugs))))

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

I don't know how you do it! I go crazy with just my two kids and if Shawn's working late I almost want to cry! Big hugs!

kbreints said...

Wow-- Sounds like a busy day-- though you have busy days everyday I am sure! I hope that you found some cute sandals!

Tracy said...

Wow! That's too much! I would surely lose my mind doing half of what you do with one kid. LOL! You are awesome for giving your kids these experiences.

Right now my hubby can't drive/work, so I'm working my regular shifts, driving him to doctor appointments and physical therapy and then working on what would be his work days too. I wish I had some time to do fun things with Matty right now, I hate knowing that he misses out while we struggle to keep a roof over our heads.

Colleen said...

Sometimes you have those kids of days where you are like "It didn't kill me so when do I get stronger?"

Hang in there.

We went for a well child ENT appointment on Thursday only to find out that he needed new ear tubes due to blockages...right away. Monday at 6 AM we have to be at the base hospital for the surgery. Ear tube set #5. I laughed in their faces when they told me to find a sitter for Alanna. "YOU MFers SENT MY BACK UP CHILD CARE PROVIDER TO IRAQ!" Obviously they will have to let me bring her, they are to blame for no back up care!

I need chocolate too.