Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 2 Week Wait

I've got exactly 2 weeks left with my beloved left ovary. To bad my 2 week wait isn't for something else. :( lol I'm trying to make light on a sad situation. You know I am sad but I can't help but feel blessed. I've got this unexpected baby and after playing the April Fool's Day I'm pregnant joke for 2 years, I found out I was pregnant on that day and it was no joke! I was frustrated, sad and freaking out at the thought of a 6th C-section and while I was growing this baby, I was growing something else in there. If it wasn't for Rocco, we would have had no idea anything was wrong. Hopefully this will all end as soon as it's removed and tested. In a way I think this is part of a calling from God. I know I have a decent chance of getting pregnant with one ovary but I've felt the need to internationally adopt for a few years. Maybe this is what God is wanting us to venture towards in the next few years, who knows. We will have alot of medical bills to pay off this year before anything else goes on around here. lol I know even with this obstacle God has big plans for us in the next year because we're a big family. :) So while I sit in the passenger seat I will trust him and let him drive.


kbreints said...

You are right... God was at work here for sure!

鋼鐵人帥哥 said...
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Pipsylou said...

Ha...funny you say that...I have had many of those same thoughts.

I'm sorry the ovary has to go, but SO glad they found it!!! SO GLAD!

Anonymous said...

Quite the different 2 week wait you are going through than we ever went through together before when TTC! So glad your surpise baby Rocco is the blessed reason that this problem was found from. I'm praying for you.


Julie said...

Great thoughts, Sabrina. Praying for you and hope you guys do decide to adopt some day. So many orphans need a loving family like yours!