Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Surgery was yesterday and it went very well. I am on Percocet and Motrin right now so hopefully I make sense in what I write. Monday afternoon I started a liquid diet so by 4 am when we woke to get ready I was starving. We arrived at 5:30 and waited to be called in for prep. My OBGYN came in and we talked about the mass for a few. I had told her at my pre-op that I was fine with doing the laproscopy and taking the ovary instead of doing basically a c-section to save it. The less invasive the better since I really don't have time to sit around and recover. lol She basically wanted to make sure I was still ok with her doing a lap because she knew if it all possible I wanted to keep my ovary. I told her this time "just do what is easiest for you." I was told if the surgery went well we'd come back to the room to recover and if not I would be taken on the elevator to a regular room. So after prep they allowed Dave to come in and we waited together until my surgery time. This is my 4th surgery with a general and that he wasn't allowed in. After our hugs and kisses they wheeled me back to the cold OR and transferred me onto the operating table. I laid down and went to sleep about 30 seconds later. lol

The worst part of a general is coming to however the last couple experiences have not been too bad. I felt like they were literally screaming "Sabrina" at me over and over which was rather annoying. Then they had me on oxygen because I wasn't breathing well and I was turning purple from being so cold. I got a major case of the shakes so they put a tube that bursts hot air into my Bair Paw gown. Everything was so blurry but I saw the clock and it said 10:10 am and my surgery started at 7:30 am and was told it would only be 1 hour long. I knew at that point that something was wrong or had happened to make it last that long. After getting all the EKG stats and me stabilized after coming to they started rolling me back to recovery. I was awake enough that I was watching which way we were going and when we turned to the hallway with all the curtains for the other recovery rooms I at least knew I would be going home that day!

No one had told me anything yet. I never saw my Dr because she went and talked to Dave since he was more coherent than I was. lol They let him come in and I started asking him questions first being why was my surgery so long? He told me that my Dr decided to try with all her might to SAVE the ovary even though the mass was connected to the blood supply. She succeeded. She came to the waiting room and told Dave it took an extra hour or so to do it, but she did it! I told him maybe it was like a challenge to her to see if she could. I think performing even my 6th C-section sounded fun to her when I first became her patient as she had never had that many on a woman before. I can't wait till my post-op appointment next week to thank her. She told him it WAS a Dermoid cyst and we should find out by Friday as far as it being benign or malignant. With Dermoids you only have about a 3% chance of them being cancerous. So the wait begins.

I was in the recovery room till about 2 PM and came home. I hurt pretty bad. This really feels no different than a C-section. I told my mom and everyone else I don't see how they can do something like this and let someone go home the same day. The narcotics are keeping the pain pushed back a bit but are making me groggy and tired as ever which is why I only take them for about 2 days after a section. My mom and grandmother cared for the kids yesterday and my mom by the end of the day was telling me she didn't know how I did it all and was ready to leave. lol Dave's mom was here after I had Rocco and said the same thing however she actually broke down crying by the end of week 1 and was ready to go but her plane ticket she was stuck here for a whole 'nother week. lol

Today I am still chugging along, still sore but it's only been alittle more than 24 hours. I've been up on my feet the whole time I've been back and trying to clean and do what I can. My husband has been on me about relaxing but I can't. If I sit, that's when I feel the pain so it's better for me to be up. Breastfeeding has been a challenge because just like a c-section the whole front area is sore so I can only do football holds. I'm doing one now with him propped on pillows as I type this. :)

So now we pray and wait for them to call with path results. I think this was sort of a wake up call from God. I think he honestly did this to make me realize I was not being logical and was being naive. I wasn't thinking about what this would mean to others if I left it alone. I know I was so positive and praying that the mass would be gone at the 6 week visit and it was still there plain as day on the sonogram and THAT was a huge blow. I wanted to put it off as long as possible and even not mess with it but then after lots of reading and talking to others I knew I need to act, stop being stubborn and worrying about money and how to pay for another surgery. I prayed about it and God was telling me the same thing so that's why I went ahead and did it. God is mysterious but I have faith that these results later this week will be good and I can finally move on.


Rebecca said...

Wow, Sabrina!! I am sure it was hard to make such a huge decision. I am so glad that your surgery is over. Praying you continue to heal!!

Sara said...

That sounds like a real ordeal, oh my! I am so glad that everything went so well, and it sounds like you will likely be getting great results in the coming weeks.

I also wanted to say, Sabrina, that it has been really amazing to watch God work in your life over the course of the past few years. Your ever-growing faith is beautiful.

kbreints said...

Oh my goodness. I am praying you recover fast!

Katrina said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! God bless you:)

Kristi Ann said...

Holy Moly sweetie! I will be praying for you!
How is Dave? Being the greatest husband ever? or do I need to come and kick him in the shin? I KNOW I don't as he always steps up to the plate! :)
Praying for a speedy recovery and LOTS of good news!
Let me know if you need anything!~

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you Sabrina, glad you are home and recovering! What an ordeal you have been through! Praying for a speedy recovery for you and cooperating kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I wasn't signed in, the above is me!