Monday, February 08, 2010


Well I got my good news while I was driving to my follow up appointment today. It was benign! YAY God! I am so thankful!

My appointment went well. My 2 incisions and belly button seem to be healing great but my belly button is still SORE! I tried on a pair of jeans today and there was just no way I could wear them. First they rubbed my belly button and second, I barely fit in them. :( When I came home from the hospital last week I had gained 10 lbs in fluid. Add in about 100 balloon-fuls of air ( just an example of how I feel!) and well the jeans are just not going to work. I've lost all the fluid however the gas is still a big issue. It started getting at the worst just over the past 3 days. I woke up to get Rocco a few nights ago and as soon as I stood to walk to his bassinet, I let out about a 3-4 second burp. Dave sat up and said "OMG are you OK?!" I was abit mortified and just told him how badly I couldn't sleep because of the gas building. As soon as I lay down at night my stomach bubbles like a brew and you can feel and hear it!! If I sit up I let out the most disgusting tasting burp. So sleeping has really sucked the past few days. Hopefully this will pass soon!

We've had so much craziness going on around here with this and everything else. We discovered before we knew I was going to need surgery that my husband's bonus is going to be short about $8,000. They changed their bonus program to do a lump bonus instead of quarterly. When you figure it that way, well you don't make much of a bonus as you do figuring it quarterly. Corp. had a smart plan to benefit themselves. We were going to use that money to buy a new to us Suburban for us all to fit in but now we'll have only $2500 coming to us on bonus. Then our health insurance jumped $60 a month. Then we did $2,500 on our FSA to pay for Rocco and now we are barely scraping by since dh's check is $270 less a month with the FSA money and extra insurance. Then I debated this stupid surgery because it's probably going to be another $2,500 out of pocket max that we'll meet and well we have no money at all for it! lol (Oh but we can use my dh's small bonus I guess! lol) Before surgery I basically threw out a test to God in a prayer. I told him that in the next 3 months I want to see nothing but positives for our family. I test him because I know he will comply. So in the past week I got 3. Successful surgery, kept my ovary, mass benign. So now we'll just sit back and see what other blessings he can throw at us because I'm sitting here waiting to catch them.


kbreints said...

What fantastic news! Even though you have financial woes.. there isnothing better then a healthy happy family!

Cindy said...

wwhooo doing the happy dance for you.